Human rights and labor standards

We respect human rights and advocate for their protection – at our own sites and in the supply chain.

We respect human rights and advocate for their protection. In the process, we follow the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in accordance with the “Protect, Respect and Remedy” framework and view human rights due diligence as a responsibility shared by all
participants in the value chain in question, including nations and economic actors.

Respect for human rights is reflected in our company values and is included in our Code of Conduct. The Aurubis Human Rights Commitment summarizes Aurubis’ understanding of its due diligence obligation regarding human rights, as well as the key elements of this obligation. It is aimed at all employees, business partners, and other partners of the Aurubis Group. The Aurubis Code of Conduct for Business Partners, on the other hand, specifically applies to business partners. 

We have been committed to the United Nations Global Compact since 2014 and thus to working on implementing its Ten Principles related to human rights, labor, the environment, and anticorruption.

We reject any form of discrimination, forced labor, or child labor and respect the rights of indigenous populations. Compliance with the internationally recognized core labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) are of fundamental importance. We are committed to the principle of codetermination in the company and place a high priority on good communication between our employees and the company management.

We would like to promote respect for human rights along our value chain, which is one reason why we support appropriate industry solutions like the Copper Mark. Aurubis Bulgaria is the company’s first primary smelter to commit to this standard. The Copper Mark is an initiative that entails a review of the
sustainability standards of copper production sites including mines, smelters, and refineries.

In our view, our responsibility to uphold human rights extends to the supply chain. Read more about this in the Responsible Supply Chain section.