Whistleblower hotline

At Aurubis, tips can be submitted anonymously using an external and independent Compliance Portal.

The Ombud Service Attorneys are available as a trustworthy and anonymous reporting point. This reporting point (Aurubis Compliance Portal) can be contacted around the clock by phone, online form, e-mail, or fax to report tips regarding possible legal violations or other actions that could harm the company (e.g., corruption, fraud, discrimination, violations of antitrust law, or violations in the supply chain). The whistleblower will not suffer any disadvantage as a result of a report.

OSR Investigativ© Compliance Portal

  • Phone from Germany: +49 800 7300 731
  • Phone from abroad: +49 7161 9877 958
  • Fax: +49 7161 98 77 956

E-mail:  aurubis@ombudservice.de
Website: www.ombudservice.de

OMBUD SERVICE Rechtsanwälte
Eugenstraße 18
D-73033 Göppingen