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Aurubis continues to expand its pioneering role in certified metal production through the Copper Mark

Hamburg / Olen | Thursday, September 28, 2023

  • Olen is the fourth Aurubis smelter site to receive the internationally recognized Copper Mark
  • Stolberg and Beerse sites start the assurance process
  • Aurubis is one of the first companies to commit to the new Copper Mark Chain of Custody Standard

Aurubis, a leading global multimetal producer and one of the world’s biggest copper recyclers, has now successfully completed the Copper Mark assurance process for its site in Olen as well. Following Pirdop, Hamburg, and Lünen, the Belgian plant is the fourth site in the Aurubis smelter network to receive the internationally recognized quality seal for responsible copper production. Furthermore, the Aurubis plants in Belgian Beerse and in Stolberg, the first processor of rolled copper products to take part in the Fabricator category, have also started the Copper Mark certification process.

“We actively promote and call for the development of sustainable and responsible supply and value chains in the raw materials industry. Our firm commitment to the international Copper Mark quality seal demonstrates the high expectations we place on ourselves,” says CEO Roland Harings. “We are pleased with the successful step in Olen, and we actively support the ongoing development of the Copper Mark as the standard of the global copper industry, which our sites in Stolberg and Beerse have now also joined. These efforts impressively emphasize the leadership role we are taking in sustainable multimetal production.”

To fulfill the highest regulatory demands as well as the company’s own expectations as the world’s most sustainable smelter network, Aurubis revised its Business Partner Screening process at the start of the year. The Copper Mark has now fully confirmed that the process meets the high expectations for responsible sourcing in the criterion on responsible minerals supply chains. This Joint Due Diligence Standard describes how companies should develop a risk management system and serves to fulfill the responsible sourcing requirements of the London Metal Exchange (LME) – one of the world’s most important metal exchanges – for the trade of metals such as copper, lead, nickel, and tin.

In February 2023, Aurubis was also one of the first companies in the world to commit to the new Copper Mark Chain of Custody Standard. This standard defines the requirements for certified copper-containing products in the supply chain. It is the first standard that will cover the entire copper supply chain.

Aurubis Olen receives Copper Mark certificate

The recycling site in Olen specializes in producing copper cathodes and wire rod, and manufactures more than 275,000 t of copper products each year with around 680 employees.

“I would like to congratulate everyone involved in Olen on this terrific success, which confirms our long-standing efforts to be an exemplary and sustainable multimetal producer,” says Managing Director of Aurubis Olen and Aurubis Beerse Dirk Vandenberghe. “The results of our continuous improvement program are very clearly and positively reflected in the assessment of our processes in Olen. We are continuing down this successful path and started the Copper Mark assurance process at our recycling plant in Beerse in September as well.”

Aurubis Stolberg is the first rolling mill to start certification

The Aurubis site in Stolberg has about 400 employees and produces high-precision strip and wire made of copper and copper alloys, with an expansive international sales network. On July 10, 2023, the site was the first rolling mill in the Aurubis Group and in the Fabricator category to start the extensive Copper Mark certification process and is set to complete it by summer 2024.

“Aurubis Stolberg is an integral part of the Group network and supply chain,” states Managing Director of Aurubis Stolberg Benjamin Cappi. “We are establishing a bridge between metal manufacture and the unique demands of the product markets. Because our supply chains build on the sites that are already certified, our customers will benefit from the consistent certification within the Aurubis Group in the future.”

The Copper Mark 

“We congratulate Aurubis on its additional successful certification and the commitment of the sites in Stolberg and Beerse (Belgium),” says Executive Director of the Copper Mark Michèle Brülhart. “Today, more than 25 % of the copper mined worldwide is produced in accordance with the Copper Mark’s standards. It is thanks to the commitment of companies like Aurubis that we are able to build on this success and continue to grow along the copper value chain.”

The Copper Mark is the leading assurance framework for copper, molybdenum, nickel, and zinc, with the vision of a sustainable society enabled by the responsible sourcing, production, and recycling of these metals. The Copper Mark is working to develop responsible value chains from the mine level to the end-product. Through the standards and assurance framework, the Copper Mark supports participants in identifying and making on-the-ground changes to their operations. The Copper Mark standards draw on the 32 internationally recognized sustainability criteria of the Risk Readiness Assessment of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), covering all major environmental, social, and governance issues. Over 50 sites in the copper industry have joined the Copper Mark since March 30, 2020.

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