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Aurubis signs renewable power deal with green energy producer Eneco and lives up to industry leadership in sustainability

Olen/Hamburg | Thursday, July 28, 2022

Aurubis Olen will receive 12 megawatts of green electricity from wind power from Eneco starting in January 2023

  • Key milestone in the Aurubis roadmap towards the goal of becoming carbon neutral well before 2050
  • Renewable energy to be sourced from Belgian offshore wind farm SeaMade
  • Pioneering green electricity supply contract for the Belgian Aurubis site in Olen
  • 10-year Power Purchase Agreement with Eneco for 12 Megawatt (105,120 MWh p.a.)
  • As of January 2023, more than 90 % of the externally generated power for Aurubis Olen will come from renewable energy sources

Aurubis Olen has signed a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Eneco to source renewable energy from the offshore wind farm SeaMade in Belgium. The agreement entails the purchase and supply of 12 Megawatt (105,120 MWh p.a.) of wind power over the next decade, with delivery to begin in January 2023.

Aurubis has defined a clear roadmap for continuously and responsibly transforming raw materials into metals for an innovative and sustainable world. “The agreement with Eneco represents another major step in achieving our long-term sustainability goals. Sustainability is an essential aspect that determines our growth course as we want to be carbon-neutral well before 2050. This green energy supply contract is a prime example for how we are strengthening our position as the most sustainable and efficient smelter network worldwide and how we are further diversifying our energy supply within the Group”, says Roland Harings, CEO Aurubis Group.

By increasing the share of renewable power in its overall energy consumption at the Olen production facilities, Aurubis moves closer to its aim of reducing Group-wide Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by half until 2030. “With the power purchase agreement, more than 90 % of the externally generated power for our site in Olen will come from renewable energy sources. This step further reduces the carbon footprint of the Aurubis Group by additional 420,000 t of CO2 over the duration of the contract, which is the equivalent of taking 31,000 cars off the road each year”, highlights Inge Hofkens, Managing Director Aurubis Olen. The renewable electricity generated within the framework of this agreement will reduce indirect carbon dioxide emissions by about 1/3 of Aurubis Olen’s Scope 1&2 emissions.

Eneco has an exclusive agreement with SeaMade to procure the complete production of green energy it generates. Eneco’s purpose and strategy – defined in its One Planet Plan - is to be completely carbon neutral by 2035 with all of its scopes (own operations, own assets and all of their clients). Eneco is therefore ready to support Aurubis in reaching its carbon neutrality objective in Belgium. "We are delighted to be able to contribute to making the business processes at Aurubis more sustainable with this collaboration. Together we always find the right solution for companies to become more sustainable. This is not only beneficial for Aurubis' ecological footprint, but also for Eneco itself. By 2035, Eneco wants both the energy for (corporate) customers as well as its own activities to be completely climate neutral. The development of sustainable energy supplies is a central pillar in our One Planet Plan", says Jean-Jacques Delmée, CEO Eneco Belgium.

In addition to opportunities such as purchasing green energy (Scope 2 emissions), Aurubis is also strongly committed to investing into technological measures to decrease Scope 1 CO2 emissions. More sustainable production techniques already make a pivotal contribution to responsibly handling resources and thus play an important role in the energy transition. For instance, a series of tests for hydrogen use on an industrial scale in copper anode production were successfully conducted at the Hamburg site last summer. Moreover, the company’s products such as copper and nickel are true enablers for the energy transition.

Aurubis - Metals for Progress

Aurubis AG is a leading global provider of non-ferrous metals and one of the largest copper recyclers worldwide. The company processes complex metal concentrates, scrap metals, organic and inorganic metal-bearing recycling materials, and industrial residues into metals of the highest quality. Aurubis produces more than 1 million tons of copper cathodes annually, and from them a variety of products such as wire rod, continuous cast shapes, profiles, and flat rolled products made of copper and copper alloys. Aurubis produces a number of other metals as well, including precious metals, selenium, lead, nickel, tin, and zinc. The portfolio also includes additional products such as sulfuric acid and iron silicate.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of the Aurubis strategy. “Aurubis responsibly transforms raw materials into value” – following this maxim, the company integrates sustainable conduct and business activities into the corporate culture. This involves a careful approach to natural resources, responsible social and ecological conduct in everyday business, and sensible, healthy growth.

Aurubis has about 7,200 employees, production sites in Europe and the US, and an extensive service and distribution system in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Aurubis shares are part of the Prime Standard Segment of the German Stock Exchange and are listed in the MDAX, the Global Challenges Index (GCX), and the STOXX Europe 600.

Eneco Belgium

Eneco Belgium is a sustainable energy company which focuses on the production & supply of energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind. Eneco is a leading company in energy supply & production of renewable energy and one of the biggest player in the production of wind in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom with more than 1000 MW renewable production capacity. Eneco has been active on the Belgian consumer market since 2011 and has the ambition to provide families with 100% durable energy that is produced on Belgian soil through 124 windmills and more than 350.000 solar panels. The company is also involved in Norther, the biggest offshore wind park in front of the Belgian coast. In total Eneco Belgium provides power & gas to more than 1 million residential connections & 55.000 businesses. Eneco also offers reliable investment opportunities to citizen’s and local communities through divers investment programs by means of crowdfunding, obligations & direct participation through cooperatives. Eneco wants to build a New – completely sustainable – World and wants to do more than only the production & supplying of sustainable power. The company also focuses on energy-efficiency through insulation projects, offering solar panels, energy-storage, electrical charging stations and other innovative products and services. Eneco Belgium has more than 350 employees and is located in Mechelen, Ghent and Waver.

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