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Eng. Biser Tsolov: "Aurubis Bulgaria" launches large-scale program for efficiency and production modernization

Bulgaria | Monday, April 8, 2024

  • The project was presented for the first time at the national Energy of Tomorrow forum

"Aurubis Bulgaria" has launched a large-scale program for efficiency and modernization of the electrical equipment in the plant, part of which is also the increase of energy efficiency. This was stated by Eng. Bisser Tsolov, project manager at the company, during a discussion at the national forum Energy of Tomorrow, organized by
The project was presented for the first time to a wide audience and is a key pillar of Aurubis Bulgaria's strategy to modernization, increase energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. 

"The programme includes the replacement of electric motors with new energy-saving models that will not only reduce electricity consumption, but are also fully in line with Industry 4.0 goals. This project is the world's first such global motor replacement and involves the replacement of 460 induction motors and power transformers. In parallel, a project to replace lighting fixtures with LED luminaires is ongoing," added Eng. Bisser Tsolov. He underlined the inevitability of energy transformation, noting the importance and scale of these investments.

The energy efficiency and decarbonization program of Aurubis Bulgaria also includes the construction of three new photovoltaic parks, which will complement the already operating Aurubis-1. By 2026, the company plans to have in-house installed solar capacity of 41 MWp. 

The programme also includes the gasification of production, which will allow the replacement of high carbon footprint fuels - fuel oil and diesel - with natural gas.

The Energy of Tomorrow National Forum was focused on green energy solutions, ESG and energy transition challenges. Discussions included topics related to energy efficiency, the transformation of conventional models and the energy of the future.

Ivailo Georgiev
Ivailo Georgiev

Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager

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