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Aurubis Stolberg has been part of the Aurubis Group since 2002 and supplies high-precision strip, foil, and shaped wire for many different applications.

Aurubis Stolberg has been part of the Aurubis Group since 2002 and supplies high-precision strip, foil, and shaped wire for many different applications. Its customers include companies in the electrical engineering, electronics, automotive, construction, telecommunications, and mechanical engineering industries. In the foundry, rolling mill, and pressing and drawing mill, about 400 employees fabricate products made of copper and copper alloys for the global market. Because of its geographic location close to the Vicht River, natural reserves, and residential areas, it is crucial for Aurubis Stolberg to address environmentally relevant issues such as soil and water conservation as well as noise and immission protection consistently. By coordinating closely with the authorities, a working level has been established that allows Aurubis Stolberg to implement innovative improvements effectively and efficiently. The new Energy Management System in accordance with ISO 50001 was developed and certified in cooperation with the TÜV (the German Technical Control Board) in the second quarter of 2012. In the context of the Energy Management System, an energy-efficient production flow takes place with an optimized process chain and an improved equipment utilization plan.

Environmental Protection Measures & Projects
Separation of the water infrastructure
First step: Separation from the Prym sewage system
  • Separation of roof water
  • New oil separator
  • Own entry point into the public channel
  • Technology

Due to the historical link to the neighboring company Prym, attempts have been made to separate some of the connections, especially in infrastructure, in the last several years. One point in this context is the water infrastructure. In terms of wastewater technology, the two companies were closely connected via a so-called "pond ditch." This connection has been more and more separated in recent years. Relating to this, single steps have included the separation of the rooftop water and the construction of a separate feeding point to the municipal sewer. For financial reasons, it has not been possible yet to implement these points.

Date of completion: pending

Second step: Construction of a water connection

The second step in separating the water infrastructure would be the development of a separate water treatment plant for wastewater and for the production of process water. Now, the process water is still being treated and obtained via Prym. Considerations about joining into a technical water cooperation with Schwermetall have been stopped for now. In order to be able to carry out a realistic dimensioning of such a plant, the process water consumption has been monitored intensively over the last three years. A reduction of about 13 % was achieved. However, all considerations regarding Aurubis Stolberg’s own water treatment have been stopped at the moment for financial reasons.

Date of completion: pending

Preparation of a noise register for the site

In 2014, an operating noise analysis was carried out for the Stolberg site with regard to the immission points in the surrounding area. With this analysis, the noise impact of the plant on the adjacent residential buildings was examined and the hot spots were detected. Based on this determination, measures are now being taken to mitigate the detected hotspots.

Date of completion: ongoing process

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