Connector Strip

Aurubis offers high-quality connector strip with standard copper, copper alloys and High Performance Alloys (HPAs). The extensive portfolio includes bare and tin-coated surfaces* to the highest standards in the industry (*as coils, traverse wound and as ContiCoil®).

Connector strip is the pre-material for stamped grid products and connector applications such as automobiles, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, housing, medical instruments, industrial equipment and many other applications requiring the transfer of electricity, signals or power in a wide variety of industrial and consumer products.

On the one hand, connectors need to be easy to insert and remove for assembly, but on the other hand, they need to be corrosion-resistant to ensure a long-lasting connection for the components.

In order to meet the constantly increasing demands on connectors and stamped grids – such as low insertion forces, good corrosion resistance and good solderability – in very complex electrical and electronics systems such as modern vehicles, and as a result of the miniaturization trend, the strip used is required to have repeated surface treatments.


Aurubis supplies a large selection of strip of high uniform quality with tight dimensional tolerances and precise mechanical properties according to customers' specifications and applications.


Terminals, receptacles, contacts and other types of connectors used in the automotive, electronics, electrical, computer, consumer, telecom, datacom, military, medical and other industries



More than 98 % of global strip demand is covered by our alloy portfolio.

ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Buffalo Pori Stolberg 
CU-OFE (OF-Cu) DE / EN US C10100 CW009A C1011 C101 CU-OFE PNA 203
CU-OF DE / EN / US C10200 CW008A C1020 C102 Cu-OF  
Cu-PHC  (SE-Cu-58) DE / EN / US C10300 CW020A   C103 Cu-XLP PNA 209 
Cu-HCP (SE-Cu-57) DE / EN C10300 CW021A   C103 Cu-HCP PNA 210
Cu-ETP (E-Cu) DE / EN / US C11000 CW004A C1100 C110 Cu-ETP PNA 211
Cu-DLP DE / EN / US C12000 CW023A C1201 C120 Cu-DLP PNA 220
Cu-DHP (SF-Cu) DE / EN / US C12200 CW024A C1221 C122 Cu-DHP PNA 219
CuTe0.02Sn0.02 DE / EN / US C14530     C1453    
CuSn0.15 DE / EN / US C14415 CW117C   C14415 CuSn0.15 PNA 216
CuFe0.1P DE / EN / US C19210     KFC*   PNA 214
CuZn0.5 DE / EN   CW119C   CuZn0.5   PNA 218
ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Buffalo Pori Stolberg
CuZn5 DE / EN / US C21000 CW500L C2100 C210   PNA 221
CuZn10 DE / EN / US C22000 CW501L C2200 C220   PNA 222
CuZn15 DE / EN / US C23000 CW502L C2300 C230   PNA 223
CuZn30 DE / EN / US C26000 CW505L C2600 C260   PNA 226
CuZn33 DE / EN / US C26800 CW506L C2680     PNA 227
CuZn36 DE / EN C27000 CW507L   C270   PNA 248
CuZn37 DE / EN / US C27200 CW508L C2720 C272/C274 PNA 243
CuZn42 (BlueBrass) DE / EN           PNA 378
ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Buffalo Pori Stolberg 
CuSn2Fe0.1P0.03 DE / EN / US C50715     KLF-5*   PNA 328
CuSn4 DE / EN / US C51100 CW450K C5111 C511   PNA 284
CuSn5 DE / EN / US C51000 CW451K C5102 C510   PNA 285
CuSn6 DE / EN / US C51900 CW452K C5191 C519   PNA 282
CuSn8 DE / EN / US C52100 CW453K   C521   PNA 283
ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Buffalo Pori Stolberg 
CuZr0.1 DE / EN / US C15100     C151   PNA 296
CuMg0.1 DE / EN / US C15500     C155   PNA 297
CuCrZr DE / EN C18150         PNA 372
CuNi1.5Si DE / EN / US C19010     7036   PNA 290
CuNiSi DE / EN C19005         PNA 326
CuFe2P DE / EN / US C19400 CW107C C1940 C194   PNA 212
CuFe2PMg DE / EN C19400     194M   PNA 206
CuFe0.7MgP DE / EN / US C19700     C197   PNA 205
CuSn1.2Ni0.8P0.07 DE / EN / US C19040     CAC5*    
CuZn9.5Sn2 US C42500   C4250 C425*    
CuNi1.8Si0.4Zn1.1Sn0.1Mg0.01 DE / EN / US C64760     CAC60*    
CuNi3SiMg DE / EN / US C70250     C7025   PNA 370
CuNi2Si0.4 DE / EN / US C70260 CW111C   C7026*    

Aurubis also supplies slightly modified alloys with special properties, e.g. in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and US Federal Regulations
 * available in US

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