Recycling multi-metals for tomorrow.

Non-ferrous metals are infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. By recycling and refining complex materials, we can respond to the increasing metal scarcity. 

At Aurubis Beerse, we care about our environment, our people and our planet. We combine our unique technology and know-how to minimize the impact of our activities on society and environment, in order to build a bright future and preserve our natural resources

What defines us.

There are five values that define us. They are our DNA, the way we work together with all our internal and external stakeholders.

Performance - means commitment
  • We are strong and expert at what we do
  • We combine our personal strengths into a first-class team performance and work together across national boundaries, hierarchies, departments and functions in a networked and engaged way
  • We work together on our continuous improvement
Responsibility - means decisions
  • We take individual responsibility, face challenges and take initiative
  • We grow as a company and take responsibility for our actions, health, safety at work, environment and society
  • We are reliable and committed to each other
Integrity - means gaining trust
  • We are a reliable partner
  • We are honest and act lawfully
  • We protect sensitive data
Openness - means curiosity
  • We are open to change and support its implementation
  • We continuously improve through lifelong learning
  • We are open to new approaches and creative solutions
Appreciation - means genuine interest
  • We respect and value each person's uniqueness
  • We seek exchange and share our knowledge
  • We are open to new ideas and feedback from others