“What I really appreciate about Aurubis Beerse is that every opinion counts.”

Beerse | Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Meet Dries! As a Digital Lean Transformation Manager, he is responsible for optimizing processes within Aurubis Beerse. This role brings him into contact with various departments within the company!

  • Dries Seuntjens
  • 28 jaar
  • Digital Lean Transformation Manager
  • Working at Aurubis Beerse since October 2020
  • Who are you and what is your background?
    After studying "Industrial Engineering in Chemistry" at KU Leuven, I worked as a process engineer in the R&D department at Soudal. There, I became acquainted with process optimization. In 2020, I started as a production engineer in the foundry at Aurubis Beerse. I was responsible for the smelter and later for the anode furnaces D3 and D4. After three years, I transitioned to the role of Digital Lean Transformation Manager. Outside of my work at Aurubis, I enjoy running, cycling, and playing padel. I also like taking care of my garden.

  • What exactly does your job as a Digital Lean Transformation Manager entail?
    My job title is quite a mouthful (laughs). My goal is to look for improvement opportunities in various departments, to make the work of an operator easier, and to increase the efficiency within the department. It’s important to always ask the question: ‘How can we organize this differently?’. Digitalization is a big part of this. For example, we use artificial intelligence. One example is that we can create a model with AI based on photos taken by a camera in an oven. From that model, we can determine the temperature in the oven. Additionally, we use a similar method for a system to detect if there is a chunk present in the smelter.

  • What does a typical workday look like for you?
    My morning starts with monitoring the process operation of the anode ovens. The rest of the day, I work on ongoing digitalization projects. Within Aurubis Beerse, we are continuously developing and changing. Therefore, a lot of new things are planned soon. That means a lot of challenges for me, but that’s what makes my job so enjoyable!

  • What projects are currently in progress?
    I am currently working on several projects. In the Lead-Tin department, for example, we are developing a Process Advisor to assist with process decision-making. Moreover, the morning meeting has been fully digitalized, providing an immediate overview of the previous days. Besides Lead-Tin, we are automating and optimizing the loading calculation for the smelter. This ensures a more stable process operation. In short, there are many ongoing projects!

  • Is there a strong link with AOS, the Aurubis Operating System?
    AOS is a program focused on our continuous improvement culture, which also emphasizes improving process efficiency and avoiding losses. As a Digital Lean Transformation Manager, AOS helps me see where improvements are needed. The projects I undertake are also carried out according to this method. This creates a nice synergy between my role and AOS.

  • What skills are important in your job?
    Communication skills are essential because you work closely with operators and proactively ask departments about their needs. When you create a project, you naturally want it to be used daily. Additionally, the analytical aspect is very important. Creating models, analyzing, and statistical calculations are daily skills.

  • Do you pursue additional training?
    In the field of digital transformation, there is always a lot going on, and changes happen rapidly. My goal is to stay as updated as possible. Therefore, I regularly attend seminars, participate in networking events, and follow training courses, such as Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

  • What makes Aurubis an attractive employer?
    What I personally really appreciate is that every opinion counts. People at the beginning of their careers become confident because it gives a sense of contribution. There are also many growth opportunities. In 3 years, I have grown significantly. Moreover, there is the freedom to determine which tasks you want to focus on.

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