"I want to continuously grow in my role and pursue our company's goals."

Beerse | Monday, February 12, 2024

Meet Hilde! As an Account Manager Raw Materials, she is jointly responsible for the procurement of secondary copper- and tin-containing raw materials. A job that connects her with suppliers in Central Europe and beyond!

  • Hilde Wuyts
  • 56 years old
  • Accountmanager Raw Materials MMR (Multi Metal Recycling)
  • Working at Aurubis Beerse since September 1987
  • Tell us, Hilde, how did you end up at Aurubis Beerse?
    As a true native of Beerse, Aurubis Beerse has always been present in my life. For example, my brother, cousins, and uncles have laid the foundation of their careers here. So, it might not be a coincidence that after my studies in 1987, I walked through the same gate to build a career here.

  • What does your career within Aurubis Beerse look like?
    In September 1987, I started as an intern in accounting. A few weeks later, I ended up in the "Quality" department, where I was involved in exchanging analyses and inputting shipments. It wasn't until a year and a half later that I joined Commercial, where I have been working as an Account Manager Raw Materials for 35 years now.

  • What does your role as Account Manager Raw Materials entail exactly?
    As an Account Manager Raw Materials, I am primarily responsible for the procurement of "raw materials" or secondary raw materials in Central Europe and beyond, particularly for specific Tin materials. Additionally, I support Customer Service with contract follow-ups and received lots. I am also closely involved in the group-wide Business Partner Screening (BPS) project, where every new raw material supplier is screened for potential risks and sustainability criteria to ensure a safe and reliable supply chain. I also serve as an internal auditor at Aurubis Beerse, ensuring that our processes in every department comply with ISO standards in terms of quality, environment, energy, health, and safety. This brings me into contact with other departments, allowing me to delve even deeper into the Aurubis system. It's great to keep learning in this way!

  • What makes it enjoyable to work at Aurubis Beerse?
    The growing awareness of recycling and sustainable processes is a big motivation for me. Aurubis Beerse actively contributes to reducing pressure on finite resources (e.g., mining). The complexity of our work in a dynamic environment, coupled with the constant evolution in the industry, makes every day interesting. Aurubis also strives to be best in class through innovation, with, for example, our new technical installations BOB in Olen and ASPA in Beerse. Through our in-house engineering, we aim to be a strong multimetal recycling pioneer.

  • Which department fascinates you the most and why?
    Actually, 'Raw Material Procurement' fascinates me the most. Filling our furnaces is our biggest task. As a purchaser, we need to be empathetic, good listeners, and knowledgeable to negotiate deals with suppliers at the right time during negotiations. As a purchaser, you are often the first point of contact for suppliers. That's why I find it important to stay in touch with both our internal processes and market topics.

  • Is there a particular moment from your career at Aurubis Beerse that will always stay with you?
    I remember very well how everything was new and unfamiliar to me at first. I sat at my desk with the Yellow Pages open in front of me. My task was to call every metal trader I could find for prospecting conversations. I had all my questions written down on a piece of paper, which I then went through one by one. Fortunately, over the years, I have built up more knowledge and self-confidence, making the conversations much more spontaneous (and without preparation) now.

  • Do you have any specific goals or ambitions?
    My biggest ambition is to continue growing in my current role and keep pursuing our company's goals. As a company, we have a great responsibility, and I enjoy being a part of it, contributing my part as an individual and thus achieving our objectives together.

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