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Beerse | Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Wannes has been working at Aurubis Beerse since December 2021 as a Procurement Buyer Non-Metals. Together with his colleagues, he is responsible for the procurement of non-metals goods and services.

  • Wannes Van Haver
  • 31 jaar
  • Procurement Buyer Non-Metals
  • Working at Aurubis Beerse since December 2021
  • Tell us, Wannes. How did you end up at Aurubis Beerse?
    Before joining Aurubis, I worked as a purchaser at an SME. Almost three years ago, I was approached on LinkedIn by HR asking if I was interested in the vacant position of "Procurement Buyer Non-Metals." Due to my affinity with procurement, I inquired further and eventually landed in my current job.

  • You work as a Procurement Buyer Non-Metals. What does your role entail?
    As a Procurement Buyer Non-Metals, I am involved in the procurement of non-metals goods and services. This includes everything except scrap metal. Think of office supplies, rolling equipment like forklifts and scoops, consumables like drills and screws, but also all technical parts for a new major technical installation or spare parts for it...

    On one hand, I manage inventory, ensuring our stocks are maintained by managing reorder points. When the stock reaches a certain level, we receive notifications to check if reordering is needed or if an order is already in progress. This is crucial to ensure our facilities remain operational continuously.

    Additionally, I'm involved in Opex projects. In collaboration with colleagues from the relevant department(s), we determine what we need and I request quotations for it. Besides the product quality, pricing, and especially the delivery time, are essential. We are constantly negotiating to acquire the products as quickly as possible and at the most favorable prices.

  • What skills are essential in your job?
    Assertiveness and strong communication skills are essential. As a purchaser, you must be willing to pick up the phone and express yourself clearly. Language skills, especially Dutch and English, are a must. It takes some practice, but over time, you become more confident. I have seven years of experience as a purchaser myself, and the difference between now and the beginning of my career is enormous.

  • What energizes you in your job?
    Successfully concluding tough negotiations with positive results gives me a lot of energy. Whether it's small matters like auxiliary materials or larger purchases like for ASPA (our new technical installation set to be operational in the fall), achieving positive results is very motivating.

  • To what extent does Procurement Non-Metals contribute to Aurubis Beerse's goals and growth?
    The savings we achieve are extremely important for both our company's results and those of the Aurubis Group. We also ensure the continuity of our production processes. We ensure everything is delivered on time and try to promote sustainability by bundling orders.

  • Is there anything you are particularly proud of in your career?
    At the beginning of my Aurubis Beerse career, I established a new local partnership. All the oils we use now come from a supplier here in Beerse. Creating local, sustainable partnerships is always an added value.

  • What makes Aurubis Beerse an attractive employer?
    The compensation and benefits are, of course, attractive, but what truly sets Aurubis apart is the opportunities they offer to young people. Here, I've been given the space to further develop myself, which was crucial for me to come and work here.

  • What specific moment from your Aurubis Beerse career will you never forget?
    There's one moment that still makes me laugh. My start at the company coincided with the name change from Metallo to Aurubis Beerse. On my first day of work, I saw balloons and streamers everywhere. Later, I realized it was to celebrate the name change and not my first day of work (laughs).

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