Whistleblower hotline

At Aurubis, tips can be submitted anonymously using an external and independent Compliance Portal.

The Ombud Service Attorneys are available as a trustworthy reporting point. This reporting point (Aurubis Compliance Portal) can be contacted around the clock by phone, online form, e-mail, or fax to report reasonable suspicion of conduct that could be relevant from a criminal law perspective or that could damage the company (e.g., corruption, fraud, violations of antitrust law).

OSR Investigativ© Compliance Portal

  • Phone from Germany: +49 800 7300 731
  • Phone from abroad: +49 7161 9877 958
  • Fax: +49 7161 98 77 956

E-mail:  aurubis@ombudservice.de
Website: www.ombudservice.de

OMBUD SERVICE Rechtsanwälte
Eugenstraße 18
D-73033 Göppingen