Corporate Governance Code and Declarations of Conformity

The German Corporate Governance Code contains three types of rules that differ from each other in terms of their binding character: statutory regulations, recommendations, and suggestions.

Recommendations (“shall”) establish internationally and nationally recognized standards of conduct. In addition, the Code provides suggestions (“should”) to individual companies for good and responsible corporate governance and control. In contrast to statutory regulations, compliance with recommendations and suggestions is not mandatory.

Regarding suggestions, however, exchange-listed companies must explain the degree of compliance with them once a year (Declaration of Conformity). Any possible deviations must be disclosed therein. Beyond the scope of the Declaration of Conformity, the alliance also provides information about the implementation of suggestions on a voluntary basis.

Corporate Governance Report

The Executive Board publishes its Corporate Governance Report and the Declaration of Conformity as part of the Annual Report, which is available below.

Declarations of Conformity

The latest Declaration of Conformity is available here:

Downloads (PDF)
Fulfillment of the specification in detail

In addition to the information listed in the Declaration of Conformity, Aurubis AG publishes a list of corporate governance practices with regard to all recommendations and suggestions of the German Corporate Governance Code: