An initiative founded by Aurubis.

Women4Metals is an industry-specific women‘s empowerment initiative in the metal industry that was founded by Aurubis in 2019. Since October 2022, the network has been open to other companies/organizations in the industry that want to join us in making the industry more appealing to women.

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What is our vision?

Our vision is to jointly establish the metal industry as an attractive employer for
women, where fair conditions (transparent career paths, work-life balance, equal pay, etc.) prevail for all.

Within the network, we want to support each other and, as role models, inspire other women with our passion for this industry.

How are we organized?
  • Aurubis AG is the initiator and main sponsor of W4M. The head of the network is Stefanie Klein.

  • The network is officially supported by various companies, associations, universities, start-ups, and self-employed individuals in the metal industry who contribute to the growth and progress of the network as official partners/supporters.

  • Together with diverse representatives of our partners, we have established an advisory committee that provides guidance and recommendations for the strategic direction and development of the network.

What are our goals?
  • Through this network, we want to attract more women to the metal industry, fill more key positions with women, and generally support women on their career paths.
  • Furthermore, we would like to put more focus on the female perspective for the ongoing development of the metal industry.
  • Women will gain more visibility in the metal industry and in their companies. Our network makes it possible for us to appear together, e.g., at trade fairs and industry meetings.
  • With W4M, equal opportunities in the metal industry can be actively demanded and enforced, and employer conditions for women can be revised and improved.
What are your key benefits as a participating company?
  • Elevate your organization’s profile as an employer, showcasing commitment to diversity and women’s advancement and possibly including it in your ESG reporting
  • Constantly enhance your organization’s offerings for women, increasing job satisfaction and retention
  • Provide your female employees with access to exclusive, industry-wide training, programs, and events
  • Collaborate & engage with like-minded experts from different companies from the metal industry
  • Play an active role in shaping W4M and advancing diversity & inclusion in the metal industry
  • Easily become part of a growing network and take advantage of its benefits to advance your company’s gender diversity efforts by taking a pioneering role
What are your key benefits as participating individual?
  • Connect & collaborate with a variety of people in the metal industry through our shared community platform
  • Attend exclusive events & training sessions
  • Participate in exclusive cross-mentoring program across the metal industry
  • Gain access to different resources, e.g., W4M newsletter, podcast, industry-specific publications, and more
  • Participate in regular discussion groups to shape the network and take action
  • Take on the role of a W4M ambassador, representing the initiative and vision at events, on LinkedIn, etc.
What do we expect from you in return?
  • Within our network, we want to mutually benefit from best practices. Whether you are an individual member or representative of a supporting organization, we would be pleased if you would actively participate in online and onsite W4M events and share your experiences and perspectives on the topic with us.
  • Since setting up and running the network generates costs over time (e.g., marketing, events, staff, etc.), we kindly ask all supporting organizations to contribute financially to the network in order to sustain the industry-wide initiative in the long term. (Please note: No profit will be generated.) In return, as a supporting organization, you can take advantage of the various benefits and present yourself as an official supporter of the initiative and its underlying vision and goals.
Who can participate?
  • We are happy to welcome anyone working in the metal industry who would like to become part of our network and thus support our overarching vision. Whether individually or as a whole company or association, university or start-up, of any gender, age, nationality, etc., everyone is invited to join!
How can you join?
  • If you are a company, association, start-up, university, or self-employed person and would like to actively support our network, or if you are an individual (no charge) working or interested in the metal industry, please fill out the non-binding registration form. We will then contact you as soon as possible via the email address you provided with further information on the different possibilities as a supporting organization. While you are waiting to receive for more information by email, you are also welcome to join our LinkedIn group in the meantime.
Become part of the initiative!

If you are interested in becoming a supporter (as a company) or a member (as an individual), you will find more information on the following pages:

The development of the initiative is actively supported by the following companies and associations.

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