Lead-Bismuth Alloy

Lead-bismuth alloy is used for low-melting alloys and to produce pure bismuth and lead.

The pure metals that arise after refining lead-bismuth alloy are applied to different purposes. While lead is primarily used in the battery industry, bismuth serves as a compound in the pharmaceutical industry and as a catalyst in the chemical industry. Moreover, bismuth is used to product pigments, lacquers, and paints, as well as to manufacture thermoelectric appliances.

Both lead-bismuth and lead-antimony litharge from Aurubis fulfill the REACH requirements.

Main applications of bismuth
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Alloys
  • Metallurgical additives
  • Pigment industry

Specifications of lead-bismuth alloy
Bi 6-12%
Ag max. 100 g/dmt
Au 0-10 g/dmt
Sb max. 0.2 %
As max. 0.05 %
Sn max. 0.001 %
Cu max. 0.05 %
Zn max. 0.0005 %
Ni max. 0.0006 %
Ca max. 0.001 %
Mg max. 0.01 %
TL About 10 ppm other trace elements
Pb Balance
Packaging unit Ingots of 50 kg each
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