Aurubis SHAPES

The Aurubis SHAPES product portfolio includes a number of dimensions in round and square cross-sections and offers a range of materials that encompasses oxygen-bearing and oxygen-free materials in addition to High Performance Alloys. Aurubis SHAPES therefore offer the optimal starting product for fabricating high-quality strip, foil, plate, tube, profiles and forgings made of copper materials.

The preliminary product for sophisticated applications

Their uniformly high quality and chemical composition mean that our shapes are much sought after for demanding applications.

The range of materials extends from practical 5N copper with a high purity of 99.999 % Cu to High Performance Alloys with a precisely tuned set of properties.

Furthermore, Aurubis offers several processed products and special shapes, for example anode molds, which are directly produced from our Aurubis SHAPES.

A component of state-of-the-art technologies

Aurubis SHAPES can be used to fabricate 500 different products. They are not only a suitable basis for traditional applications but are also a significant component of state-of-the-art technologies.

Typical final uses include cable strip with the highest standards for welding and surface quality, molds for foundry technology, lead frames and industrial tube for air conditioners. It is important to us to consider customers’ individual wishes and specifications to ensure optimal processing and functionality.

Whether telecommunications, mechanical engineering, energy technology, automotive engineering or aviation: Aurubis SHAPES have developed an excellent reputation in nearly all areas of application for six decades.

Dimensions of billets:

Weights of 55 - 1,749 kg/m, diameters of 89 - 500 mm

Dimensions of cakes:

Weights of 505 - 3,650 kg/m, widths of 405 - 1,280 mm, thicknesses of 140 - 335 mm


Preliminary product processed into forgings, strip, foil, plate, tube and profiles

Our material portfolio
  UNS DIN EN 1976:2012 Aurubis name
Oxygen-bearing copper      
Cu-ETP1, Cu-ETP C11000 CR003A, CW004A NORG, NORV, NOSV, NO58
CuAg0.04, CuAg0.1 C11400, C11600 CR011A, CR013A NG04, NG10
Oxygen-free copper      
Cu-OFE, Cu-OF C10100, C10200, F68 CR009A, CR008A OF01, OF02, OFRR, OFRP, OFFN (99.999 %Cu)
CuAg0.04(OF), CuAg0.1(OF) C10400, C10700 CR017A, CR019A OS35, OS10
Phosphorus deoxidized copper      
Cu-PHC, Cu-HCP C10300 CR020A, CR021A BE 58, BE57
CuAg0.04(P), CuAg0.1(P) C10400, C10700 CR014A, CR016A BG35, BG10
Phosphorus-bearing copper      
Cu-DLP C12000 CR023A DLP
Cu-DHP C12200 CR024A DHP
Cu-DXP - CR025A P4-6 
High Performance Alloys UNS DIN  
CuCr1 C18200 CW105C LCR1
CuCr1Zr C18150 CW106C LCZ1
CuNi1Si C19010 CW109C LNSP
CuSn0.15 C14410 CW117C LS15*
CuZr C15100 CW120C LZR1
CuFe0.1P C19210 - LFE1
CuMg C15500 - LMGA
CuMg0.7 C18665 DIN17666 LMG7

* additional materials with Sn contents up to max. 0.5 % upon request

Production and fabrication

After pyrometallurgical smelting (or a multi-step recycling process) followed by an electrolytic refining process, the copper is ready for further use in its purest form, as a high-quality cathode. These cathodes, which have a copper content of more than 99.99 %, are first molten down in a carefully monitored process and then cast continuously as an “endless” bar.
Depending on the requirements, alloying elements are added to adjust the desired chemical composition. Once it has reached the desired length, the shape is cut off by a flying saw and moves on to the inspection and quality assurance process.
Our production facilities are specially designed to allow us to produce continuous cast shapes weighing up to 30 t each, which maximizes the efficiency of the subsequent processing steps carried out by our customers.

Aurubis SHAPES quality assurance

We achieve the high quality of Aurubis SHAPES products with reproducible process control and management and in inspections outlined in quality plans. Product features and specific measurements are regularly calculated and the results are subject to a strict target/actual comparison with an electronic quality assurance program. In the process – depending on the material – the physical and mechanical features as well as the chemical composition and quality of the cast product are determined.

Only products that adhere to the international standards and the customers’ technical specifications are sent on for hot forming.

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