SHAPES production process

After pyrometallurgical smelting (or a multi-step recycling process) and a downstream electrolytic refining process, the copper is ready for further use in its purest form, as a high-quality cathode.

These cathodes, which have a copper content of more than 99.99 %, are first melted down in a carefully monitored process and then cast continuously as an "endless" bar. This is done in two Arsaco shaft furnaces and three casting plants at the Hamburg plant.

Depending on the requirements, alloying elements are added to adjust the desired chemical composition. Once it has reached the desired length, the shape is cut off from the "endless bar" by a flying saw and moves on to the inspection and quality assurance process.

Our production facilities are specially designed to allow us to produce continuous cast shapes weighing up to 30 t each, which enables customers to carry out further processing efficiently.