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We responsibly transform raw materials into metals for an innovative and sustainable world

In a world that needs more metals than ever before, these are the foundation for progress. As the most efficient and sustainable multimetal producer, we are continuing to develop our business to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. To do so, we rely on our advanced, integrated smelter network. With our products, we make a vital contribution to global megatrends such as renewable energies, electric vehicles, and digitalization. We create the basis for innovative technologies and contribute proactively to the modernization and further development of the company through metallurgy at the highest possible level.

Our strategy – strengthening our core business and pursuing growth drivers, particularly in recycling

As part of our Group strategy, we continuously secure and strengthen our core business. This is the starting point for our ongoing sustainable and profitable growth. In addition, we are actively expanding into new growth areas. The recycling markets in Europe and the US are at the center of our growth strategy. At the same time, we are steadily expanding our frontrunner position with respect to sustainability. As a result of the targeted networking of our international sites and the optimization of material flows, we are efficiently leveraging synergies within the Group. One example of this is our ASPA recycling project, with which we extract metals from the input resources in a highly efficient way.

We have a clearly defined roadmap for implementing our growth strategy, underpinned by targeted, step-by-step investments. Starting in fiscal year 2020/21, we are planning around € 350 million in additional investments apart from our annual investment cycle. These investments are projected to bring a return from the fiscal year 2025/26 onward and contribute an additional annual amount of around € 100 million to EBITDA. In the medium term, we will invest a further € 250 million in strategic projects. These are forecast to deliver an annual earnings contribution of around € 70 million to EBITDA by the end of this decade.

One project already initiated is our first US recycling plant located in the state of Georgia. This is a key milestone in the further expansion of our business. It will give us a pioneering position in the exceptionally attractive and high-growth US recycling market at a very early stage. We also see battery recycling as a priority field of growth for Aurubis in the future. We intend to establish commercial-scale production within the next five years. While we continue to make a wide variety of investments geared to strategic expansion, we remain true to our conservative financing principles, as well as our proven, shareholder-friendly dividend policy. We want our shareholders to continue to participate in the success of our company with a payout ratio of at least 25 % of consolidated earnings.

Our ambition is to be carbon-neutral well before 2050

Our commitment to sustainability is firmly anchored in our strategy and is clearly reflected in all of our operations and processes. We highlight our progress in sustainability through key performance indicators as metrics. In addition, all new investment projects are subjected to a thorough sustainability review, and dedicated individual investments will be channeled into projects specifically designed to further enhance sustainability in the company.

Reasons for investment:
  • Diversified business model based on one of the most efficient and sustainable integrated smelter networks worldwide
  • Coherent strategy with clearly defined financial framework
  • Good earnings history: stable balance sheet structure and solid cash flow development 
  • High innovation capability and unique expertise in extracting, processing, and recycling complex metals and compounds
  • Production of multimetals that are essential for global megatrends and strategic growth markets
  • Strong track record in sustainability ratings and rankings
  • High growth potential through strong and reliable positioning in attractive growth areas like multimetal recycling and battery recycling
  • Stable shareholder structure and consistent dividend policy
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