For peace and freedom

Hamburg | Friday, March 4, 2022

Freedom, diversity, and respect are central and inviolable values for Aurubis and all of its employees around the world. We respect human rights and advocate for their protection. We are watching the developments in Ukraine, where the use of arms is causing immeasurable human suffering, with great concern. We strongly condemn the Russian government’s violation of international law and are firmly convinced that conflicts have to be solved through diplomacy. As a result, we hope that the hostilities are ended as quickly as possible and that the political actors return to the negotiating table.

Russia’s war against Ukraine represents a break in the societal, political, economic, and cultural development in Europe and the world. Our thoughts are with those who are affected and their loved ones – regardless of where they are. As part of liberal society, we declare our solidarity with anyone who desires and advocates for peace. After all, peace and freedom are our greatest assets!

To provide quick assistance, we’re supporting the association Hanseatic Help with an immediate donation. Furthermore, Aurubis employees can volunteer to support the association’s organization of aid convoys to the crisis regions.

As it stands, our business relationships and partnerships with Russia are already very limited. We’re currently reviewing the structures of our Russian business partners’ beneficial ownership in order to follow the current sanctions. Moreover, all business relationships with Russia and the continuation of these relationships are under close scrutiny.

Angela Seidler
Angela Seidler

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Meino Hauschildt

Manager Corporate Communications, Spokesperson

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