Zink selenite ZnSeO3 for technical applications

Our zinc selenite is characterized by consistently high quality and low iron levels. Every batch undergoes extensive quality control in our in-house laboratory at the Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz site.

We offer zinc selenite with a purity grade of at least 99.8 % as a standard for technical applications. It is used in the glass industry in particular


Purity grade

99.8 % min.

Selenium content

40 % min.

Bulk density

1.8 – 2.1 kg/l


white, crystalline powder


min. 99.8 % < 1,000 mm (18 mesh)

min. 98 % < 0.300 mm (50 mesh)




25 kg steel drum with locking ring and plastic liner


container glass

Other purity grades and packaging units available upon request. We would be happy to discuss your individual customized product needs.

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Zink selenite as a raw material for the glass industry

We encounter selenium everywhere we go and many of the products we use every day can only be made using various forms of selenium.

The glasses we drink from contain selenium; the windows in our houses and cars, drinking bottles, and much more are made with the help of selenium.

It is used in the glass industry to decolorize yellowish-green frit, the raw material used to make glass. Selenium powder, selenium pellets, zinc selenium, and sodium selenite are all used here. Mixed into glass melt, selenium adds a reddish tone that cancels out the complementary greenish color of the glass, giving it a neutral color. This process is used in container glass production, for example.

In the 1950s, selenium was used to create orange, pink, salmon, and red glass objects, such as pitchers, glasses, vases, and bowls, that were very popular. Lovers of art deco will be very familiar with this elegant color scheme. Even today, so-called “Rosaline glassware” is still made in acrylic glass production.

Selenium is also used to color church windows and light-absorbing “privacy glass” (such as tinted windows in cars).

Another area of application is the bronze tinted glass made in the automobile industry.

Sodium selenite is used as part of a solution for manufacturing flat glass for large surfaces.

At our Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz site, we process raw selenium of the highest quality for use in different forms and levels of purity depending on the industry.

Whether as pellets, powder, zinc selenite, or sodium selenite – we provide our selenium products to glass manufacturers from all over the world.



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