Our Process

  • The manufacturing process starts with a mixture of copper alloys and raw materials (copper, zinc, nickel, and others).

  • This metal is melted down in one of our casting furnaces and turned into large rectangular bars called "cakes."

Hot Rolling
  • After transportation by on-site rail, cakes are reheated and hot rolled into a coil form called "hot band."

  • After hot rolling, the surface edges are milled to remove surface impurities and oxidation.

  • This is followed by breakdown rolling.
    • Thickness is dependent upon customer specifications.

  • The thinner coil then follows a series of rolling and annealing steps. Hitting the customer's properties requires a very specific practice to be followed.

  • Once final dimensions and properties are met, coils are sent to slitters to be cut to the customer specified width.

  • Coils are processed in our tension leveler or stretch bend leveler to create a flat surface.
    • In some cases, surface inspection may occur here.

  • A portion of the coils move on to our connector strip operations for tin coating or plating, then to traverse winding if required.

Packing & Shipping
  • At this point, materials are ready to be packaged for customer delivery!